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– Andrii Tkachuk improved the Best Performance of the competition with 264,914 km
– Mihaela Englaro beat Bulgaria’s Best Performance with 201,506 km
– Aykut Celikbas improved the Turkish BP with 231.176 km
– Isa Sandoval beat the 12h Spanish BP with 129,967 km
– Carlos Moran surpassed the World BP in category M60 of 12h with 136,287 km
– Joan Berenguer improved the BP of Andorra in 24 hours with 160,589 km
– Kiko Martinez beat the BP of the 12h competition with 149.937km
– Alicia Antón improved the Spanish BP of 50 miles with 7h 13′ 35”

This year all the proceeds will go to the NGO PallaPuPas

As every year, the entire 24-hour profit will go to a charity. This year we decided to give it to the NGO PALLAPUPAS which works to improve the emotional state of sick people, through humor and theater, to grow in adversity.
Laughter is full of life!

Novelty 2021

The new website is not the only novelty for this 2021 edition that we are waiting with so much desire and enthusiasm, we will also launch a new system of results in real time that can be consulted, on the tartan, through the new streaming and the web, with estimation of final result, based on an own algorithm calculated by the years of experience and the data of all your previous results.

In addition, we will add four new intermediate splits: At 24h, which already had the 12h partial, we will add the 6h split, at 12h we will add the 6h and 100Km splits, and at 6h we will add the split of 50Km:

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