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THANKS to your collaboration and participation we have donated €13,671 to the ASSÍS Reception Center

As every year, the entire benefit of the 24 hours was earmarked for a charitable cause. This year we have decided to donate it to the ASSÍS Reception Center, which works for the well-being of homeless people.

Novelty 2022

This year we modified the distribution of the lanes of each of the competitions. In order to provide more space for the individual runners’ tents, the individual 24-hour event will take place in lanes 1, 2 and 3, and the runners’ tents will be located in the space of the long jump straight.

The 12 and 6 hour competitions will take place in lanes 4 and 5, and the relay teams will run in the outer lanes, 6, 7 and 8.

– Andrii Tkachuk improved the Best Performance of the competition with 264,914 km
– Mihaela Englaro beat Bulgaria’s Best Performance with 201,506 km
– Aykut Celikbas improved the Turkish BP with 231.176 km
– Isa Sandoval beat the 12h Spanish BP with 129,967 km
– Carlos Moran surpassed the World BP in category M60 of 12h with 136,287 km
– Joan Berenguer improved the BP of Andorra in 24 hours with 160,589 km
– Kiko Martinez beat the BP of the 12h competition with 149.937km
– Alicia Antón improved the Spanish BP of 50 miles with 7h 13′ 35”
– Alicia Antón improved te la BP of Spain in 50 milles, with 7h 13′ 35”

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